We're thrilled to introduce our new Core Cask Range!

This range beautifully blends modernity and tradition, offering you four contemporary and exciting beers that are sure to delight the tastebuds!

Our brewers embrace change and innovation in both flavour and technique, but every brew has a firm foundation set on traditional beer craft.

We are dedicated to supporting the future of cask, to continual evolution, and enhancing and expanding the offerings to all beer lovers.

Our New Core Cask Range consists of: 

Trident (3.4%)  A light and hoppy sessional pale ale with a hint of tropical fruits

Evolve (4.1%) A modern bitter, mahogany in colour offering robust pine and floral undertones

Diablo (4.8%)  A full bodied IPA, smooth and velvety with citrus notes

London (5.0%) A dark and foreboding porter with subtle impressions of coffee and chocolate