In 2010 we started out with a small, mix and match, second hand brew kit, which produced just 50,000 litres in its first year. A decade later and our brewery has evolved into a powerhouse of quality and innovation that produces over 1 million litres annually and counting. 

Every step of production, from recipe creation and raw material selection, through to brewing and fermentation, laboratory analysis and packaging is conducted in-house by our highly qualified brew team, which is led by our classically trained German Master Brewer.

Our focus is on producing natural, unfiltered and unpasteurized beers that are creative and different, whilst also remaining commercial, enjoyable and (mostly) sessionable. We never brew anything we wouldn't want to drink ourselves.  

Our brewery has recently been awarded SALSA+ accreditation. This certifies our outstanding production standards and hygiene practices and guarantees a beer brewed to the highest professional calibre.