♻️ Every hop matters!

Our 🆕 addition to the team,
The Slurry Silo.

Hop & Yeast Slurry TANK
 Our hop & yeast slurry post brew & racking is pumped into our hop and yeast slurry tank where it is stored until full. Once full it is transported by tanker to an ANAEROBIC DIGESTION plant where it is converted to BIOGAS which is then used as a source of RENEWABLE ENERGY – green electricity and BIOFERTILISER which is a valuable fertiliser used to grow more crops.
Spent Grain Container
Our spent grain post brewing is tipped into the container where it is stored and collected once a week and transported to an ANAEROBIC DIGESTER to be converted as above. See link:- https://www.biogen.co.uk/

🌍 Just one of many ways we are progressing at the brewery to create more sustainable production.